Discover the ancient faith and practice of Anglican spirituality. Come and See!

Celebration of the Holy Communion is: 3:00 PM Sunday.

We welcome all people. We come in expectation that God will touch our lives so that we might live with him and with one another for eternity.

About Us
Retreat House


We are a traditional Anglican church that follows the classic worship of the church, developed in the New Testament and used throughout the centuries as a joyous celebration of God among us. Our worship is centered in the Eucharist, or Lord's Supper, as given to us by Jesus and in the teaching of the Gospel, or good news, of Christ.

 Worship is about entering into the presence of God. We want to present an opportunity for you to experience being touched by God. Our message, our music, and our people are all part of an atmosphere where we meet God in true worship using ancient liturgies of the Church. Worship is not entertainment. The symbols, language, and even our standing, sitting, and kneeling all give shape to the mystery of God making himself present with us.

If you're looking to return to the foundation of the Christian faith and practice, the Anglican Church embodies the richness of Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit.

The Bible is the word of God and is the standard for Christian faith and practice. We use the English Book of Common Prayer that follows
the general liturgy of Christianity. We believe in the truth of the Holy Scriptures and the historic orthodox creeds of the early Church. We understand that the most basic truth is the love of God for us and for all creation and our goal is to walk in that love.  We invite your questions and presence in our midst. All of our gatherings are open to everyone who desires to draw closer to God. We are always ready to simply talk or share information or a prayer with anyone.

Our church goal and simple statement of faith is to:

"To love God and follow Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to build the Kingdom of God."